Tuesday, June 21, 2011


My whole family attended this 'church' from 2004 to 2009 and I stayed till 2010.

The 'men' that run this place are criminals, they took over $150,000 dollars in Tithes and offerings from us over the course of all those years and they slowly indoctrinated our family into believing that they are the only ones that have the truth and the only ones that are saved!

The 'men' that run this cult are all full of immorality and there have been many sexual scandals regarding these ministers sleeping around with women not their wives!

There has also been alot of scandal regarding sexual abuse and rape of minors in this church...look up the civil and criminal records on this place!! My son attended their bible institute for 4 years and they refused to give him a bible diploma -even though my son already had a formal College degree from an accredited institution- My son was thrown out of this cult when he called out two men that were teaching doctrines completely contrary to the bible and having sexual affairs with other women...a Julio Garcia and a Doug Brandenberg...they immediately threw him out after 5 years of blindly serving these criminals without any hearing whatsoever, even though it is mandated under their articles of incorporation that a hearing is given to members of this church...but the men that run this place have no honor or integrity. My son was heartbroken, confused and terrified because they brainwashed him into believing that they were the 'bride of christ' and the only ones with the truth!! Then they sent my son to a satellite church ran by them called 'bible believers baptist church' in El Cajon ran by Joshua Stephenson -who is on the payroll of LBC- and they brainwashed us into selling our home and family business to produce an online bible institute, a Spanish reference bible and to translate 120 of Peter Ruckman's publications in Spanish and for my son to move to Florida to do this...Little did we know the whole thing was a fraud set up from day one to defraud us out of our life savings and our home!! i fell ill with an advanced stage III breast cancer during this time and none of these con men that call themselves men of God ever visited me -even though I served and tithed to these criminals for so many years as well as my family.

To ad insult to injury they sold my son a rifle in Florida that they later had the local cops bust into our house without a search warrant and charged my son with 2 felonies for posession of a weapon these criminals sold to him and they did everything they could to imprison my son after they defrauded us over $250,000 dollars plus another $150,000 that we have given as tithes working for these 'murderers with bibles' serving them hand and foot an average of 35 hours a week each one of us knocking on doors recruiting people into their cult.

Many of my son's friends were deported after they complained about what they did to my son and thrown out of the church. Anything you tell them in confidence they will use against you to destroy your life!! These criminals are so far away from Loving God that we wonder if they are Jesuit priests in disguise or Satanists disguised as ministers of righteousness!!

WE are utterly appaled at them and there have been many victims that have been brutally abused likewise by them and their network of pastors and churches...there are countless charges of incest, rape and torture of children in ministries associated with these people and their lawyer David Gibbs Jr of the Christian Law Association has a very long track record of defending criminals and pedophiles in the fundamental baptist movement...they threw my son out of the church the day he called the CLA to ask them about the improper and immoral behavior happening at LBC.

Please visit my son's youtube page 'reinavalera1865' We are going to press civil and criminal charges against these 'men of God' that destroyed our lives and have refused to make restitution after all these years!!

We are convinced that they are not even saved and that they are there to lay a snare to the true believer, to steal and defraud and ensnare and spiritually enslave the true body of christ and do the works of Jesuit priests!!